Ballerina Frustrations



  1. sewing pointe shoes
  2. putting hair into a perfect bun
  3. washing your hair twice because you use so much hairspray
  4. wearing skinny jeans that do not let you do a proper arabesque
  5. resist throwing your pointe shoes at people you do not like
  6. not being Svetlana zakharova
  7. looking at your old ballet videos and wondering what was wrong with you

8. Normal people telling you that ballet is easy and very girly

if youre a ballet blog like this!

i want to follow you guys!

this girl in my class feel while doing like an eight count of sissonnes.

how she do that?

how she fall????


Kristina Shapran in a Pas de Deux Exam - Vaganova Ballet Academy 


Olga Smirnova and Semyon Chudin in ‘Apollo’.

(Source: thedailyballet)


I saw this and had to re-watch it. They are absolutely wonderful in this pas.

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